DNA Technology

We are the sole distributors in South Africa of botanical, double-stranded DNA identification technology. This provides a limitless number of unique taggants and offers ultimate product protection from counterfeiting and theft. Furthermore, DNA is proven, recognised and readily accepted as irrefutable forensic evidence by the court.


  • Asset and property marking
  • Protection of cash boxes, ATMs and cash in transit
  • Offender marking grease
  • Offender marking forensic spray systems:
    • Linked to an alarm or standalone
    • Handheld offender marking spray
    • Fog systems


  • Full, double-stranded DNA does not use synthetic or single-stranded DNA
  • 100% accurate
  • No false positives
  • No potential for contamination from the natural environment
  • Cannot be copied
  • Totally secure and “indelible”
  • Forensic complement to other security platforms
  • Can be embedded in a range of substrates and host carriers (e.g. ink, varnish, thread, laminates, metal, coatings)