The atmosphere currently in South Africa is wrought with fear as crime escalates. Gender-based violence has reached an all time high and South Africans are worried for their safety.

Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure, and VERIDOT® has a Pepper Spray which certainly assists with peace of mind!

It can incapacitate an assailant for almost 30 minutes, causing temporary blindness and choking, with an intense burning sensation to the eyes and throat.

PEPPERDOT® contains a powerful inflammatory substance with thousands of VERIDOT® Microdots that mark and identify criminals.

This solution contains a UV taggant in the Capsicum, which can be used to easily identify an attacker, and assist with conviction once they are apprehended.

Using a microscope, the Police can link the microdots on the assailant to the PEPPERDOT® can, through our VERIDOT® high tech database.

  • Handheld Aerosol System
  • Contains UV
  • Direct Stream, Fog
  • QR Code Registration
  • 70ML, Capsicum Oleoresin
  • Supplied with or Without Microdots
  • Also available, our Pepperdot Alarm System

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